VIET GLOBAL TRUST is a leading manufacturer and exporter of branded and private label charcoal. We are producing and supplying Vietnam best mangrove, eucalyptus charcoal.

In 2016, starting with some small mangrove charcoal kilns in Hau Giang Province, we have been expanding and sending a big quantity of charcoal to many countries.

We are one of the top Vietnam producers and proud to offer the abundant range of charcoal for your grilling barbecue, hot pot. Our quality is being accepted by almost fastidious markets: EU, US, AU, Japan, Korea, proved by the variety of certificates.

We know what you are in need and we are here to help you to get what you want.



About Us

Viet Nam Charcoal

Vietnam is the tropical climate country and we have many good material to make the best charcoal. Can name some of them as mangrove, khaya, lychee, longan, coffee, eucalyptus…. we also have a very big coconut tree forest in the Mekong Delta area which very popular for coconut shell charcoal briquette.

They are all good charcoal for the perfect grill!


Starting with the mangrove, we are now have partners alongside of Vietnam, who are very experience of charcoal. From BBQ, to hot-pot, water purifying….


Humans have been using charcoal for thousands of years, and its uses have been remarkably diverse. Charcoal is an incredibly versatile material, it is what you get when wood is burned down to an impurity-free coal. No binders, no fillers – just pure, simple, high – quality charcoal.

It lights more quickly, so you can get your food on the grill faster. It burns hotter, so you can get a deeper sear on your two-inch ribeye. And it produces less ash, so you don’t have as much gunk settling at the bottom of your grill.

Compare with real charcoal grill, gas and electric grill which can give us the very fast and convenience meal. But we have to admit that the authentic taste and the flavor is never the same. 

I myself enjoy grilling outdoor with the fire flame, and i’m get addicted the taste, flavor of the wood charcoal mixing with the smiles of my beloved.

We want to bring you and your beloved the happiest grill experience!!!






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