In addition to income from raising aquatic species under the forest canopy, many households are assigned forest land, managed by the Tam Giang Protection Forest Management Board I, located in Tam Giang Dong commune, Nam Can district. management is very excited because of high income from mangrove exploitation. Currently, the forest exploitation is urgently implemented by the management unit and people, the atmosphere is very bustling.
Besides the water surface area for shrimp and crab farming, which gives an annual income of over 150 million VND, in 2018, Mr. Ta Quoc Trung (King Ba hamlet, Tam Giang Dong commune) is very happy because of 4.4 hectares of mangrove forest. At the age of family exploitation, the contractor came to negotiate to buy with the amount of 600 million VND.
Rhizophora apiculata blume forest in red mangrove area, special tree with prop or buttress root and also for aerating
The job of forest maintenance and care has been 15 years now, a long time, but after this harvest, Mr. Trung will accumulate a large amount of money and plan to use, reproduce, and help the family’s economy. more developed family.
“In the past, the State invested in the cost of afforestation, and the family was responsible for protecting and taking care of it, with a rate of afforestation of 60% of the total contracted area. For the rest, I raise shrimp and crab in combination with a monthly income of over 10 million VND, so my family life is stable. Currently, the value of mangroves is increasing, so this harvest season the family is very excited,” said Mr. Ta Quoc Trung.
In these days, coming to the forest stand of the Tam Giang Protection Forest Management Board I can easily see the bustling sound coming from the forests of the people who are exploiting.
Mr. Dang Van Tan (King Ba hamlet, Tam Giang Dong commune) has 16 hectares, of which 3 hectares of land has a red book, the remaining 13 hectares he planted forests and combined shrimp and crab farming (ratio 6/4). “Since being contracted for forest land, this is the first time the family has earned an income of over 900 million dong from exploiting over 6 hectares of mature forest,” said Mr. Tuan excitedly.
Deputy head of the Tam Giang Protection Forest Management Board I Truong Viet Bac said that the total area of the management unit is 4,878 hectares, in 2018, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development interfaced the exploitation area to 94 hectares (foreground forest). mining age), with 88 households. Currently, the mining progress is over 50%, the unit is urgently coordinating with contractors and people to speed up the progress, ensuring the completion of the assigned target.
“Depending on the type of forest, for protection forest people have income from 100-120 million VND/ha, production forest people earn from 100-135 million VND/ha”, Mr. Bac added.
Thanks to the economic efficiency brought by the forest, in recent years people’s life under the forest canopy has developed strongly, many households have built spacious houses, making the rural appearance more prosperous.
In addition to income from logging and aquaculture, people under the forest canopy benefit from the UN-REDD Program (United Nations Collaborative Program on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation in Developing Countries). ), for people to be allocated forest land with low interest rates, from 5-10 million VND per household, solving difficulties in the production process. In addition, people are also supported according to the decision of the People’s Committee of Ca Mau province on pilot regulations on shrimp farming – forest with international certification in Ca Mau province 1 million VND/ha/year.
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