Mangrove has the scientific name of Rhizophora apiculata B.L., belongs to the family Rhizophoraceae. Mangrove is a fast-growing tree, tolerant of tidal wetlands in tropical coastal areas. Because the coastal area has newly accredited soil and is frequently affected by waves, the mangrove tree has formed a fairly complete supporting root system to keep the tree standing. Mangrove has a very important position in the group of trees to restore forests in coastal areas.

Mangrove is a woody plant with a height of 20-35m, trunk diameter (D1.3m) 30-45cm, sometimes up to 70cm. In some highland, nutrient-poor, non-tidal areas, they are usually smaller in size and grow more slowly.


Rhizophora apiculata blume forest in red mangrove area, special tree with prop or buttress root and also for aerating

The roots have typical characteristics for plants living in the area with high and low tides, frequently affected by waves, and unstable soil structure. The roots are less developed, mainly the root system (Nom root) consisting of 8-12 roots. In addition to the task of keeping the tree stable against the wind, it is also responsible for absorbing water and nutrients to nourish the tree. Breathing or aerobic roots are also commonly found in Mangrove species, they grow directly on the trunk where rarely submerged for respiratory function.


The trunk is round and straight, the bark is thick gray-brown to black-brown and has many square cracks. It is a tree with high branching characteristics and has an umbrella-shaped canopy at a young age (1-5 years old), changing into a cylindrical shape when the tree is 6 years old and above, the branches are usually small and have good natural pruning ability.

Leaves simple, opposite in pairs, leaf blade oblong, leaf tip pointed, base wedge-shaped, veins prominent on lower surface, petiole 1.5-2cm long.

About the mangrove charcoal
– Color: Black
– Diameter: 3cm-10cm
– Length: 3cm-45cm
– Fixed Carbon Content: above 75%
– Ash Content: <3% – Burning Time: Over 4 hours. – Made in Viet Nam Source: Tuoitrenews

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