Khaya Charcoal

In Vietnam, Khaya is planted in the central highlands to extract wood. Khaya’s wood has many applications: wood from large old trees is used to build ship, house and furniture, while young small trees are used to produce charcoal.

Khaya Charcoal is one of the best Charcoal in Viet Nam . This kind of charcoal was made from Khaya wood which is very hard and solid. That’s reason why Khaya charcoal has many advantages:
– long burning
– low ash
– high caloriue
please refer information below:
(1) Material: khaya wood
(2) Application: BBQ
(3) Requirements:
* Type: Black charcoal
* Humidity: < 10%
* Ash content: <5%
* Carbon content: > 75%
* Heat: > 7000 Kcal/kg;
* Burning time: >3 hours
* Volatile: <= 25%
* Size: Length 5 cm- 30cm
* Diameter: 3 cm- 8cm